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Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, UT

July 18

Within an 80 mile radius of Vernal lies all four geologic ages revealed in the canyons and peaks. The fossil finds are rich and numerous in a beautiful, colorful environment. The Field House, located in downtown Vernal, is a great place to visit to get a feel of the history. The video is excellent and easy to understand. As you rotate around the field house, you see the exhibits from earliest to latest archeological digs and geologic ages. We went last year, and Hayden really enjoyed it with us this year. They have a dinosaur garden outside, which he really liked.
We will leave here tomorrow and spend one night in Richfield, UT. We do not like the heat and do not look forward to it getting hotter and then hotter and more humid, but the journey continues!

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Dinosaur National Monument - Jensen, UT

July 17

What a thrill it was to see the new Visitors' Center and the new Dinosaur Bones Quarry! Last year, they opened two weeks after we left. Getting to see the quarry building that encloses the wall of dinosaur bones was wonderful! Although the bones are on a sloping vertical wall (right where they were found), they once were washed down a river into a pool that later dried up and trapped them there for us to see eons later. Throw in the uplift that took place to get them from horizontal to vertical, and you have an amazing place! We all enjoyed our time there.
Next we drove to see the petroglyphs done about 1,000 years ago. It tells a lot about the tribe that lived then. They had time to spare for their art work, not all spent hunting and gathering. I love to see them and the link they have with the history of this area. Also, I wonder how they got some of the petroglyphs up so very high!
Next is the beauty of this area. There are millions of years of the earth's history in this area. I'd love to take a geology course on this area! The colors of the different ages and the geologic lifting and sinking just amaze me.
By the way, it was HOT today in that desert region! And it is only going to get hotter from now on. Not looking forward to that!!!
Put this place on your bucket list for three reasons: the dinosaur bones exhibit, the petroglyphs, and the geologic beauty!

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Rexburg to North Salt Lake to Vernal

July 13 - 16

Rainbow Lake RV Park in Rexburg, ID, was a nice place to spend two rainy days. There was a Walmart and a Patagonia Outlet there and an ALCO. We had never gone in an ALCO before, but it was similar to a Big Lots. One neat thing about Rexburg was that as we were entering the area, we could see the back side of the Tetons. What a temptation to head for the Tetons!!!!
After Rexburg, we drove to North Salt Lake for one night. Hayden finally got to go swimming again! The pool was so cold, though, that he couldn't stand it more than 30 minutes. I have this feeling the pools are going to feel much better as we go south!
The drive from North Salt Lake to Vernal was beautiful. We did not come through Flaming Gorge as we did last year (white knuckles on the nine switchbacks), thankfully!!!! Flaming Gorge is really something to see, but not good to drive with a fifith wheel in tow! Still, coming in on Hwy. 40 was beautiful with the reds and yellows, buttes, mesas, lakes, and rivers. The time passed quickly.
After we settled in at Vernal, we got haircuts at a shop that is on the opposite side of the campground office. We are going to need these short haircuts as the weather gets hot!!! We are here for three nights, then one in Richfield, and two in Bryce Canyon.
Tomorrow we will go to Dinosaur National Monument. We loved it last year and just missed the opening of the new Visitors' Center. We look forward to seeing that tomorrow. We will probably visit the Field House (natural history museum) Wednesday. It is a neat place, plus it has a Smith's grocery, Walmart, and K-Mart.

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Dillon, MT - A Visit to Bannack State Park

July 12

We left Great Falls, MT, yesterday morning and arrived at Dillon, MT in the early afternoon. Today we went to Bannack State Park, about 25 miles from the campground. Bannack was a town formed in the 1800's with a gold find in the Grasshopper Creek and became a ghost town in the 1930's. It was Montana's territorial capital for a short while and the county seat of Beaverhead County before a vote changed it to Dillon. The state took over the abandoned town and made it a state park. We watched a video and then walked the streets, exploring the buildings that were not locked. It was quite warm, and we were glad we decided to visit in the morning. We all enjoyed the visit, and were ready for a sandwich when we returned to the camper. Tomorrow we head to Rexburg, ID. We hate to leave Montana!

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Cruise of St. Mary Lake and trip to Great Falls, MT

July 9 and 10

We decided since July 9 was the hottest day of our stay, it would be a great day to take the cruise around St. Mary Lake. Boy, was it hot! I think it was in the low 90's. I told Phil it was probably the hottest day in the whole year there. It has never been that hot when we have been there the last two summers. It did cool to the low 50's at night, so we were able to sleep.
The cruise was very enjoyable and refreshing. It was neat to see two bald eagles and Wild Goose Island from the lake, instead of the Going to the Sun Rd. It only lasted an hour, but the camper was beginning to cool when we got back. On our way back, we could see lightening, but we got back without any bad weather.
July 10, we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to the line at the dump station. I think we left the campground around 9:15. We arrived in Great Falls, MT, for the night. It is nice to get back to full hookups and television. I did read several wonderful free books on my Kindle Fire. I read Blind Courage, the story of a 49 year-old blind man who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. It was a story of faith and courage to bring glory to God. What a journey! I also read Flight to Heaven about a 19 year-old young man who was the lone survivor in a crash of a small air plane. The three days he was in a coma, he visited Heaven. What an awesome read! The amazing thing was that he told no one except his grandfather for 40 years. He believed that he should live what he experienced and only tell when God made it plain to him to do so. I am going to read the part about Heaven again because it was so beautiful and my ultimate journey!! Though he said it was indescribable, he did a good job, enough for me to imagine!!!

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