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Going to the Sun Road and ANIMALS!!!

July 8

July 8 – Because it was so warm this afternoon, we decided to ride the Going to the Sun Road again. Then we decided to go into Columbia Falls and get a Burger King supper. It was about 9:45 when we got back, but still light.
Hayden and I loved taking photos, and we were all blessed to see mountain goats, big horn sheep, a black bear, a marmot(we think), and elk. What an evening! We also got some interesting shots as the sun was highlighting the mountains on the way back.
We thought we had seen the last of Lake McDonald when we moved to St. Mary, but we stopped by there briefly to get another last look.
To see such beauty is pure worship, and lots of praise was given to the Lord for such a wonderful day and His beauty.
When we got back to the camper, it was cool, and we were ready to go to bed! Night all!

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Many Glacier

July 7

July 7 – After a walk and lunch, we hit the road. Hayden wanted to see the border, so we went to the border. Hayden was intrigued. Many Glacier was our next destination. We saw a young grizzly twice from the road, but neither time got a photo. We were just blessed to see it.
It is actually warm here today, and it is supposed to get warmer each day until we leave. The camper gets very warm late afternoon and evening, but cools to the 40's at night.
That reminds me: Hayden and I tried to stay awake until the sky got really dark to see the stars. Many more stars can be seen in the West where there are fewer cities and lights to interfere with the night sky viewing. Well, we made it until 11:15, and it was still not totally dark. We gave up and went to bed.
Many Glacier has one of the most beautiful views in the park, but what really interested Hayden was the drive to view Big Chief Mountain. We drove through open range, and there were cows on the road and walking up the middle of the road. That just tickled Hayden no end.
Then we went to the Cattle Baron's Supper Club for a delicious filet. Hayden and I split mine because they are HUGE! Hayden got two potatoes, two pieces of their homemade bread with butter, and half my filet. We were both stuffed!!! Phil managed to eat all his filet, but Hayden and I did not see how!
It was another good day, and we all feel very blessed.

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From Columbia Falls to St. Mary, MT

July 5 and 6

July 5 – We moved from the west side of Glacier to the east side. It is only 30 some miles if you could go across Logan Pass, but nothing longer than 21 feet can cross from side to side. That meant a two and a half hour trip around the park. We did see a black bear on the way. We are camping five nights at St. Mary Campground. The east side is more high desert terrain, but very beautiful. We will go see Many Glacier, Two Medicine, and Logan Pass again. We are trying to decide whether to ride the scenic boat at Many Glacier or at the Rising Sun on the St. Mary River.
July 6 – We walked to the visitors' center at St. Mary in the morning. After lunch we took the shuttle to Logan Pass. It was surprising how much snow had melted since last week. It was fun and we saw two snow boarders doing their thing on the snow. When we left Logan Pass on the shuttle, our shuttle driver hit a small boulder (basketball size or a tad larger). It caught on the underside of the bus, and he pulled over. Thankfully there was a pull-over close by. We could hear air escaping, so the boulder that was being pulled along under the bus had done some damage. We waited on another shuttle to come pick us up. I am glad he was able to stop safely! It was a beautiful place, so I got off and took some photos.
My cousin Tina called yesterday and told me the power had gone off in a really bad storm. I found out it had winds up to 70 mph, and did a lot of damage in our neck of the woods. Two people were killed. Tina called this morning and said the power had been off all night and had no idea when it would come back on. She was going to dispose of the food in the frig and freezer for me, so at least we would not go home to a rotting meat smell! We are so thankful she and Vickie were there and able to do that for us!
Sadly, we found out one of our twin's dog died during the night. Molly was a 12 year old miniature schnauzer. She had a puppy-like personality and loved her toys. Sad day for Donna, Derek, Madelyn, and Layton. They have been our our thoughts and prayers today.

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Last Day in Columbia Falls and the West Side of Glacier N.P.

July 4

We had a great time riding the truck up the Going to the Sun Road to the loop and then turning around and hitting most of the pull-offs for photos. We picnicked along the way and ended the day at Lake McDonald in the Apgar area of the park. The photos say it all. What an awesome place God has made!
Tomorrow we head to St. Mary on the east side of the park. We will have no hookups for five days, so we will be back to the basics. I have a good book started on my Kindle Fire. After five days, I'll be glad to have my modern conveniences back!

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Columbia Falls, MT & the West Side of Glacier National Park

June 29 - July 3

June 30 - As soon as we got set up at our nice campground in Columbia Falls, MT, we headed to Glacier National Park and Lake McDonald. What a beautiful place! Last year, we only did the east side of Glacier, which is totally different from the west side. Phil grieved that he did not get to see Lake McDonald as we did two years ago, so going Lake McDonald was first on the list. We went in and out of the shops there at Apgar, too.
July 1 - The lady at the desk here in the campground went on and on about The Amazing Fun Center in Coram, a few miles toward Glacier. I kept trying to give her "the eye" to get her to be quiet, but she did not take the hint. SO, Sunday Hayden spent his own money at The Amazing Fun Center. He did have fun, and we enjoyed watching him have fun. He played minigolf, rode the go carts, rode the bumper boats twice, and played a weird basketball game with backboards all different shapes and positions. The player had to bank the shot off the backboards to get the ball in the basket. It would have taken me a week to ever get the ball in the basket for some of those shots! He did them well and we went home.
July 2 - After breakfast, we headed to the Apgar Transit Center to board te free shuttle to Logan Pass. It took about an hour with the road construction on the Going to the Sun Road. It was very nice that they had completed the work on the rest rooms there this year. Last year, they were closed, and my TWB (teenie weenie bladder) was not happy! The snow was so much deeper than last year. We went much later in the summer last year, but several people said they had a lot more snow this past winter. I was like the walkways were carved through the snow. There had to have been about five feet of snow left. I was so happy for Hayden that we spotted a mountain goat way up on a mountain. Then on the shuttle on the way back, a mountain goat passed right in front of the bus. We still have not seen a male, so I hope we get to see one next week.
July 3 - We awoke to rain. We are going shopping today in Kalispell and get the oil changed. Tomorrow we will go back into the park and prepare to go to St. Mary (the east side of Glacier National Park) and five days with no hookups. The good thing is we get a good Verizon signal, so we can even use mifi some. Have a good day!

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