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Badlands Loop Road

June 4

What a great day! After missing the photograph of the big horn ram last evening, the Lord blessed us with one right beside the road today! Hayden was so excited. But that was just the first round of excitement. We saw quite a few females along the way, but he was the only ram. We rode to Wall and went in the Wall Drug Store - much ado about nothing, except we got some fun shots of Hayden on a bucking bronco, driving a wagon train, and riding a jackalope. We also got ice cream cones on this hot day.
Before we returning to the campground, Phil said the car thermometer read 93 degrees for the outside. While I type this, Phil is with Hayden at the pool.
OK - back to the adventure of the day. We went down a dirt road toward Scenic. (Phil hated every inch of that road.) We saw a Prairie Dog town and lots of bison. When Hayden saw the bison, I thought he was going to leap for joy right out of the car! After seeing the bison and prairie dogs, Phil turned around as soon as he could to get us back on paved road. We enjoyed the yellow mounds which were left after the sea receded.
We also attended the fossil talk by the ranger, which we all enjoyed. I was surprised to hear there were no dinosaurs here because the area was covered with the sea. There are still lots of fossils of extinct animals and sea life.
OK, I am going up upload some photos for the map. Have you been clicking on the spots on the map to see the photos from there? I like this travel blog site!
Have a great day!

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Badlands, Here We Come!

June 3

We finally got to see some big terrain changes on the ride today. Hayden saw his first pronghorn antelope (5). It was fun to see his excitement! Also, when the Badlands came into view, we all started to get excited. We have never visited the Badlands National Park, so this is new to Phil and me, too, After getting settled and eating supper, we went in search for a place to watch the sunset on the scenic loop road. We did not go far and got out to look around. We found some fossils. I found some bone fossils, and Hayden found one with a neat imprint on it. He tossed it before I could get a photo. We cannot keep anything in a national park, but we sure can photo them! Then we went up a ways and saw the full moon. Perfect setting for some photos! On the way back, Hayden spotted a big horn sheep. It had huge horns. Phil pulled over, but before Hayden and I could get the cameras focused, the sheep bolted out of sight. There were two very disappointed photographers in that truck on the way to the campsite! Still, it was a glorious day. Hayden has really taken to our morning prayer and the Josh McDowell youth devotions we do each day. He loves Brandon Heath and Toby Mac, too.

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Missouri to Iowa/Nebraska to South Dakota

June 1 and 2

sunny 72 °F

Passing Royal Stadium where the Kansas City Royals play was a highlight of the travel day to Council Bluffs, Iowa. We camped in the parking lot of a casino. The parking lot has water and electricity. Once we got set up, we made a quick trip to Camping World for a couple of items and then went into Omaha, Nebraska, to eat at The Drover. Phil loves this steakhouse. I am not sure if it is because the Gamecocks ate there after every game in the College World Series (baseball) or because it is really good. We three each got the whiskey sirloin, salad bar, loaded baked potato, and wonderfu bread. Hayden was having a hard time deciding between the salad bar and the clam chowder, so the server brought him a cup of clam chowder AND he got to eat at the salad bar. It pays to be young, handsome, and charming!!!! He ended up bringing most of his steak and potato home to eat the next night.
We traveled today from Council Bluffs to Mitchell, South Dakota, the home of the one and ONLY Corn Palace. It is decorated each year with a new theme. After that, we headed to the world's largest Cabelas. Hayden loved seeing all the stuffed animals there. We really could go home now because he saw more than we will see on this trip (hahahaha). We hope to see some live ones!
Tomorrow we travel to Interior, South Dakota for two night to see the Badlands. After that we will spend a week in Custer. Ahhhhhhh! I do love to nest! These one and two nighters do not allow enough time to get out all my stuff!
This campground brags about having the largest campground pool in South Dakota, but it was still covered. The man said it has been too cold to prepare. The campground for the next two nights is supposed to have a pool, but we will see if Hayden will be able to swim in it. The one where we will stay a week does not.
Hayden is doing great and enjoying the changing terrain. He is in for a LOT more changes!!! I have been looking for some pronghorn antelope, but have not seen any yet. Maybe tomorrow!

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And So It Begins

May 28 to May 31

semi-overcast 60 °F

The excitement began when Danna, John, Karsyn, and Hayden came up Thursday for Memorial Day Weekend. Thursday also just happened to be Hayden's birthday!

On Memorial Day, we packed the camper and spent that night in the campground in Townsend where we store the camper. It was a full day of a LOT of work! Our 11 year old grandson Hayden helps us a lot! We left the campground Tuesday morning for the first leg of the trip. The most exciting part was going through Nashville. Phil loved pointing out the stadium where the Titans play. Hayden is using my old camera with a 15x zoom. He has a good eye for photography and enjoyed shooting some photos. He sits up front with his PopPop, and I happily sit in back. We want him to have a front row seat for everything this trip has to offer. This has been a dream of ours for a few years now to take all our grandchildren out West when they are around 11 years old. Hayden is the oldest and first to make the trip.

We spent the first night on the road in Calvert City, KY, near Paducah. It had a pool, and Hayden and I went swimming when we got set up for the night.

Driving through St. Louis was exciting for Hayden. He got some great shots of the arch and the dome and stadium, as well as a paddleboat on the Mississippi River. We are now in Columbia, Missouri, where we are spending two nights. We have decent wifi here, so Hayden got to Skype with his mom, dad, and sister. It was supposed to storm and rain last night most of today, but we have yet to see a drop of rain or hear any thunder. It is still a good thing to get Phil rested because he really got exhausted loading the camper and then two long days of driving were tough. He and Hayden are off to Bass Pro Shops nd Menard's while I enjoy this time to set up a travel blog for Hayden and for me. This afternoon Hayden went swimming!!! It was 60 degrees and dropping with a stiff breeze. We were sitting around the pool in jackets and had to make Hayden get out after about an hour. That boy has antifreeze in his veins!!!!

It is a joy to experience Hayden's excitement! What a great trip with our grandson! We thank God for the blessings He has given us to allow us to do this! We are also enjoying having our prayer each morning and Josh McDowell youth Bible devotions each day with Hayden.
P.S. You can click on the dots on the map, and if there are photos from that location, they will appear. You can click on them to enlarge the small photo.

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