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July 2012

Albuquerque to Amarillo

July 30 and 31

July 30 - Albuquerque - Phil and Hayden went to the Unser Racing Museum in the afternoon. I could not tell who enjoyed it more because they both had a lot of fun there. Phil was amazed at all the Unsers had saved and accumulated. Hayden was just mesmerized by it all.
July 31 - We left at 8:00 a.m. and headed to Amarillo. We moved into Central Time Zone today. It is hotter here than Albuquerque. I saw where it is supposed to be 111 in Oklahoma City when we go there Aug. 2. At least it will only be for one night. It was too hot to cook in the camper, so we checked tripadvisor.com for a place to eat. The Coyote Bluff Cafe looked interesting. It is truly a hole in the wall type of place, but the burgers were great. It has been on the FoodNetwork's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It has a hamburger called the Hamburger from Hell that is REALLY hot. I think that is what Guy Fiery got when he visited there. We declined that one and got a regular hamburger and cheeseburger. Hayden got two chili cheese hotdogs. We enjoyed the meal and not heating up the camper. Tomorrow we go to Big Texan Steakhous for lunch. For dinner, they have entertainment and the challenge to eat a 72 ounce steak with baked potato, salad, roll, and shrimp for free. I checked the list and could not believe how many people have succeeded! The prices are almost double for dinner, so we will go for lunch and save a bundle since none of us wants to try the 72 ounce challenge (although Hayden would come close)!!!
We also want to go back up the road a few miles to the Cadillac Ranch, which is not a ranch at all, but some Caddies half buried and at an angle. I'll take some photos and post them.
It is hard to believe that one week from today, we will be home after 10 weeks on the road with our grandson. We hope he has a lot of great memories and a new appreciation for this wonderful, beautiful country.

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Holbrook, AZ, to Albuquerque, NM

July 29

Nothing much to report other than we had a safe trip here, and we watched Hayden swim in the pool before supper. It is hot and going to get hotter, then hot and humid - so much to look forward to! NOT!!!!! I have no clue what we will do tomorrow before taking off Tues. morning for Amarillo. I am beginning to regret the two nighters! When the camper is not in shade, the camper gets hot, especially when I cook. Once the sun gets off the camper, it cools down quickly.
One more thing, my sinuses do not like something pollinating in Arizona and now New Mexico!

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Painted Desert and Petrified Forest

July 28

We zoomed through here in 1984 with the pop-up in tow, so getting to take our time today was a treat! We started in the Visitors' Center and watched the video. Then we started up the road seeing the beautiful Painted Desert and Painted Desert Inn. The inn was originally made from petrified wood pieces, but was made into a pueblo-style by the Conservation Corps. It was a real hot spot in the hayday of Route 66. The murals and decor were interesting.
The park road goes over I-40 into the portion with the Petrified Forest, pueblo ruins, and petroglyphs. There were 200 or so people living in the ancient pueblo dwellings at one time. Over 650 petroglyphs are at Newspaper Rock. They tell the stories of the ancients and just fascinate me!
Of course, seeing all the petrified trees was a treat, too. Our campground has quite a few, too! Pres. Roosevelt made this a national park at the urging of locals because so much of the petrified wood was being taken out of the area. They still have a problem with theft.
When we got back to Holbrook, we went to the oldest Dairy Queen I have ever seen. Hayden has been asking for a Blizzard for quite a while. We also ate lunch there. Then we went to Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Company for a half pound of petrified wood (with a coupon). If you go over, it is $2 a pound. Hayden picked out a beautiful piece that ended up costing 40 cents. Not too bad! LOL! A storm was rolling in, so we headed back to the camper.
Tomorrow we head for two nights in Albuquerque.

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Zion to Grand Canyon to Holbrook

July 25 - 27

July 25 – We woke up at 7:00 and were out of the campground by 8:30, headed to Grand Canyon. Phil decided to go out the way we came in – through the LONG, NARROW, Short (not tall) tunnel. Then we took Hwy. 89A and came through Marble Canyon. There were many ups and downs and curves, but it was a gorgeous drive (see photos). It took a little more than five and a half hours to make the trip. My favorite part was seeing and hearing Hayden when he got his first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. He was really surprised and amazed! It made our day!
After we set up, we ate an early supper and headed toward the Desert View and the Watchtower. Hayden climbed to the top three times!!! That boy is always full of energy! Phil and I made it up to the overlook terrace. I wondered if there are forest fires in Arizona because the view was pretty hazy. We stopped at all the overlooks except one on the way back to the campground. We also rode through Tusayan to check on the price of gas ($4.29 a gallon for 87 octane – YIKES!!!!). We comforted ourselves with a hot fudge sundae from McDonald's. The cost the other two times we have gotten them has been a dollar or $1.29. Here, three were $8.01.
We will be taking the shuttle tomorrow. We also rode through Mathers Campground where we stayed in 1984 with the children. I do not think they have upgraded the road, nor the bathrooms. Also, the road is very curvy with a lot of trees right beside the road. They bear a lot of missing bark from being hit by campers. We could not have stayed there because our camper is longer than allowed now.
We get no TV reception, and Phil is too tired to mess with the satellite, so early to bed we go.
Lights out! Good night!
July 26 – Actually, we are on Pacific Coast time, but we are not changing our clocks or adjusting our routines because we are heading east after this stop. Because of that, we got an early start for our day of shuttle rides from stop to stop in the Grand Canyon. We had a great day with weather and getting on shuttles. By the time we ended our day, the lines for the shuttles were so long that many would be waiting for the second or third shuttle. We just don't have much patience for that!!! The beauty and HUGENESS of the Grand Canyon is striking. We continually thank God for His beautiful creation that He has allowed us to see this summer. I think the Grand Canyon has more foreign visitors than any place we have visited. Most of the time, you could hear at least five languages from the people.
We learned that normally on a summer day, the visability is 94 miles, but while we were there, it was only 39 miles. There was a lot of haze that prevented the best photos.
Every summer we are amazed at the number of foreigners we see. A Grand Canyon shuttle bus driver told us the foreigners were the majority of the business now. That is a sad statement on the economy. We could not believe the number of foreigners with young families. Imagine the cost of taking children elementary school age and younger to Europe for weeks.
After supper, we put on a DVD of the Little Rascals (the 1930's version). Hayden LOVES the Little Rascals. He was still watching when we went to bed.
July 27 – We rode to Williams and got on I-40 to begin the trek home. We arrived at Holbrook, AZ, for two nights. We will see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest tomorrow. Phil wants to go see the Wigwam Motel that was popular on Route 66 and has been restored for business. Phil is intrigued by Route 66 stuff. We passed some old stores on I-40 and one that has been restored for a Navajo business.
After Holbrook, we head to Albuquerque for two nights. We are not racing back....

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Hurricane, UT, and Hayden's and PopPop's Hikes

July 24

Phil and Hayden were going to take the shuttle to hike the Narrows Trail (not all the way, though), but a flash flood warning for the Virgin River came up on my phone right before they were going to leave. We decided to go to Hurricane to Walmart and get groceries for Grand Canyon, since there will be no major grocery stores nearby. We got back, and ate our big meal since the clouds were keeping the camper nice and cool. About 1:00 Phil and Hayden took the shuttle into the park. I caught them on the cellphone while they were still in range, and told them I saw two huge red blotches indicating big storms that seemed to be tracking toward Zion National Park. Since Phil and Hayden would be hiking along the Virgin River, and the chance for a flash flood was there, they changed plans and went on two shorter hikes to the Weeping Wall and the River Walk. I was very glad to see them return safe and sound. They did not experience any problems, nor rain. When they got back, I went with Hayden to the pool until supper time.
Tomorrow it is off to Tusayan, AZ, for two only two nights to give us one day to see the Grand Canyon. We will have to cram a lot in that one day! I hope it will be enough. Our time is zipping by, and two weeks from today we will be back in Townsend. We have been on the road for eight weeks today. I hope Hayden has really enjoyed our adventure. He sure has seen a lot!!!!

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